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5 May 2020


Changes to HESTA senior leadership team focus on investment risk management, digital innovation and brand strength


HESTA today announced the internal appointments of Katrina Waghorne to General Manager – Digital and Callum Tod to General Manager – Brand and Acquisition and that Matt Cameron would join the Fund as General Manager – Investment Risk.


Matt brings to HESTA extensive markets and risk experience in North America mainly with Morgan Stanley and Bank of America Merrill Lynch, in client and market-facing risk management roles.


Callum will re-join the HESTA Marketing team having previously been the General Manager – Digital where he recently oversaw the Fund’s successful launch of its new Member Online Portal.


Katrina was previously HESTA Digital Platform Manager, where she managed platform integration, including the Adobe Experience Cloud.


These appointments continue the strong focus of HESTA on digital innovation and building its data insights capability to deliver seamless, personalised experiences for its members.


The launch of the new internally managed Member Online Portal creates greater capability to tailor the experience members have and supporting them to take the next best action towards a more secure financial future.


Katrina will report to HESTA Chief Operating Officer Stephen Reilly and will be responsible for leading the Digital Team. She is responsible for the continuous improvement of HESTA digital services to create value for members and employers by enhancing their experiences.


Prior to joining HESTA, Katrina spent 17 years with Link Group, the Fund’s adminstrator. She will oversee the delivery of integrated technology systems that seamlessly enable personalisation and is responsible for digital platform stategy and vendor selection.


Reporting to Chief Experience Officer Lisa Samuels, Callum is responsible for the leadership of HESTA brand strategy, campaigns and experience. This role also leads the strategy and planning for member acquisition and works closely with colleagues across the leadership team to drive growth. Leveraging his extensive digital experience, Callum will accelerate the current development of the Fund’s direct acquisition capability.


Callum will also oversee development of HESTA brand campaigns across both traditional and digital channels and the long-running national HESTA Awards Program that shines a spotlight on professional excellence in the health and community services sector.


Matt will join the Risk & Compliance Team and is responsible for oversight of the risk management and governance framework related to the Fund’s investment functions.


Reporting to HESTA Chief Risk & Compliance Officer Andrew Major, Matt will also work closely with the Fund’s Investments Team to align risk management and governance with manager selection, strategic and dynamic asset allocation, investment operations and market risk management and modelling.


HESTA is currently rolling out a multi-year, ambitious investment strategy to drive cost efficiencies and build capability to support the continued achievement of strong, long-term investment performance for members.


As part of this program, in March HESTA announced a new leadership structure for its Investments Team and internalisation of Australian Equities by 2021 and to be underway in cash and fixed interest asset classes in 2022.


Matt will assist the Investments Teams by providing advice and support to implement appropriate risk management and governance arrangements as part of the internalisation of investment functions.


HESTA Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, Andrew Major said:


“We are really excited to have an experienced Risk professional with extensive global expertise join our Risk team.  Matt’s experience will really help us sharpen our focus on investment risk, and he will work closely with the Investments team to enhance our approach to managing this critical risk area of the business.”


HESTA Chief Experience Officer, Lisa Samuels said:


“Callum brings a proven track record of digital innovation and execution that will help us to accelerate the ongoing development of our direct acquisition capability. This will underpin the continued strong growth of the Fund, which delivers benefits of scale for all members.”


HESTA Chief Operating Officer, Stephen Reilly said:


“Digital innovation and the seamless integration of technology platforms is key to ensuring we are continually enhancing the experience of our members and employers. Katrina brings deep superannuation knowledge and an intrinsic understanding of the technology that drives personalised experiences that are so vital to how we support HESTA members to achieve a better financial future.”


HESTA General Manager – Digital, Katrina Waghorne said:


“It’s an exciting time to be in Digital! The last few months have accelerated the trend to digital reliance across the globe and I’m so pleased to have the opportunity to focus my attention in a space that really matters for our members.”


HESTA General Manager – Brand and Acquisition, Callum Tod said:


“There has never been a better time for marketers to make the right strategic decisions when it comes to media planning and buying that delivers impact. With world-class systems in place, HESTA is well positioned to deliver experiences that meet our brand promise and make a real difference to every member’s financial future.”


HESTA General Manager – Investment Risk, Matt Cameron said:


“Rigorous risk management, oversight and strong governance is crucial to navigating an increasingly complex investment landscape and supporting HESTA to achieve its ambitious plans for the Investments Team. I’m excited to also be able to help support the achievement of strong, long-term returns for our members who do amazing work in our community every day.”




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