Team Excellence

This award recognises teams that have demonstrated a collaborative approach in developing or improving a product, service process or system that benefits patients and/or the community.

Who is eligible?

Nominated teams must include at least one individual who is an enrolled or registered nurse, midwife or personal care worker, currently employed in Australia. The team’s achievement must have taken place or been implemented between 1 January 2018 and 10 February 2019.

Nominations must demonstrate all of the following:

  • the team has developed and/or improved a product, service, process or system
  • the team addressed an identified health need, enhanced health outcomes or improved clinical practice and the patient experience
  • how the development/improvement of the product, service, process or system has had a positive impact on patients and/or the community
  • how the prize money will enhance and assist in team development or further development of the product, service, process or system.