a little extra can really add up

Build your retirement by adding an extra $20 a week into your super. It could become more than $50 a week for you to enjoy later when you might need it most.

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Living well today means you can probably do it in retirement.

Can you afford a little bit more to grow your super?



For most Australians, the Age Pension is and will continue to be an important part of their income in retirement.

Even when it's combined with a modest super balance, it can help you to enjoy the things we all want most:

Free time.

No deadlines.

Fewer demands.

Less stress.






How much can you add to your super?

$10, $20 or $50? No matter how much you put in, it could make a difference to how much you'll have in retirement. Use our Contributions Calculator to find out how $20 a week could grow your super.

How $20 can add up

Saving $20 a week into your super today, could turn into more than $50 a week extra in retirement.*


And look how $20 a week today could be $84,000 more for your next chapter.


Both Chris and Jamie are 36. They both earn a before-tax salary of $35,000 plus super.


Both Chris and Jamie receive 9.5% super paid into their HESTA account by their employer.


Jamie adds another $20 a week into super from take-home pay. Chris doesn’t. 



*Assumptions based on: Starting age of 36, opening account balance of $30,000. Starting salary of $35,000 p.a. Superannuation Guarantee (SG) rate assumed at 9.5% each year until 1 July 2021 when the rate increase by 0.5% per annum until it reaches and stays at 12% from 1 July 2025 onwards. Rate of return on investment of 6.0% after investment fees, costs and taxes. The final amount does not take into consideration any administration or additional fees. All figures are rounded to nearest dollar. $20 per week after-tax contribution and Medicare Levy, assumes LISTO and Government co-contribution payable to age 67. Contributions received quarterly. LISTO received at the end of each year. Tax on earnings and contributions applied at 15%. Salary indexed at 2.5%. Inflation applied at 2.5% to calculate Future Value, all figures in today's dollars. $59.82 per week based on life expectancy to age 94. This example is an illustration only and is not guaranteed. Actual outcomes may differ. Investments may go up or down. Visit the HESTA calculators to work out how much $20 a week could make a difference to you.



Start today!

Before-tax contributions

This is extra money you add to your super before tax is taken out of your pay. How? Just ask your employer if you can make a before-tax contribution to you super (also known as salary sacrifice).

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After-tax contributions

This is extra money you add to your super from your take-home pay. You can do it via BPAY or direct debit (you can find your reference numbers in your online account) or payroll deduction through your employer.

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