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Ralph Lomu is a Member Education Manager in Sydney.

With 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry including relationship management roles at ME Bank, Westpac and Credit Suisse, helping people make better informed decisions around their future is what really makes Ralph tick.


The value of people's stories

Everyone’s financial situation, goals and aspirations are unique. “I enjoy listening to people’s stories to understand what their dreams and goals are for their retirement.” 

“It makes me happy to hear from members who were once fearful of life after work, who are now enjoying themselves in retirement and have gained from the knowledge we’ve been able to provide them at HESTA.”

Kristina Coffey, Superannuation Specialist

Ralph Lomu, HESTA Member Education Manager


It’s Ralph’s aim to provide all the members he meets with the education they need to help them make better informed decisions around their future. “Being able to truly help someone at a critical time in their life, is what I really love about my job.”


The importance of education

“Retirement is a daunting concept for many of our members.” So often, people go to their friends and peers to get information about retirement – rather than to a professional financial adviser. Unfortunately, information provided by friends can be misguided at times. “I find it is my role to ensure that people receive the correct information that is relevant to their situation to help them make an informed decision about their retirement. Having the right information when they need it enables members to set themselves and their family up for a successful future.”

"Having the right information when they need it enables members to set themselves and their family up for a successful future.”


The personal touch

“The freedom to truly engage with our members at HESTA, is the best part about working in Member Education.” 

One of the more recent instances that sticks in Ralph’s mind was being able to organise to go to the home of an elderly member who had recently lost her husband. She was feeling overwhelmed with the task of managing all of her financial affairs, so he met with her and a family member to ensure that all her documentation was completed correctly. As the member was going through such a stressful time, she really appreciated Ralph handling her affairs in person rather than over the phone.



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