emerging leaders help close the gap



Two inspiring young nurses from St Vincent's Health Australia share a big vision: a better health future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Supporting both new and long-serving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander professionals working in health and community services is a key action in the HESTA Reconciliation Action Plan.

That's why we were so proud to partner with St Vincent's Health Australia's 2017 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff conference, where we met Gamileraay woman Ruby Tribe and Taungurong woman Kaely Kennedy, two graduate nurses who are passionate about making a real difference in the lives of Aboriginal people.

Hear Ruby and Kaely share their hopes and plans to work directly with community in writing the next chapter in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.


Sharing the journey

Supporting tomorrow's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health leaders is a passion of ours - and a key action in our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

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