IWD: why women need WIRE


We asked Julie Kun, CEO of Women’s Information and Referral Exchange (WIRE), what International Women’s Day means to her team and the thousands of women they support


Why is it important to offer an information and service focused on the needs of women? Where would Victorian women turn if WIRE was not available?

Although women have very diverse experiences, there are many issues that women are far more likely to experience than men: family violence, sexual assault and harassment, dislocation from income as a result of child caring and, of course, being subject to gender discrimination and sexism. Many women want to speak to someone who they know intimately understands the types of issues they are facing. 

WIRE provides a person you can talk to when you know something is not right in your life, but don’t where to start or who to turn to. We are there for those that feel they are the only one going through an experience - we let them know they are not alone.  

WIRE is the only Victorian service that supports and informs any women on any issue. Without us many women would be left to navigate a highly complex service delivery system to try to get the support they need. Or they might have to speak to multiple organisations because they are experiencing more than one issue, such as family violence and financial hardship.


"The women who reach out to WIRE show such resilience and strength. Their determination to have a better tomorrow is inspirational."


What does International Women’s Day mean to WIRE? 

International Women’s Day is a day of reflection, both on how far we have come and on how far we have to go. It is a time to celebrate the achievements of women and a time to think about what it is to be a woman in 2018. How can we support each other and as a society be more inclusive; not just inclusive of women but inclusive of women of all colours, religions, economic status, abilities?


What inspires you about the women you support?

The women who reach out to WIRE show such resilience and strength. Their determination to have a better tomorrow is inspirational.


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