what is active investing?


And why does HESTA do it?


What it is

We’ve all heard that old adage, “you get what you pay for”. It reminds us that things of value might cost more, but they do a better job and last longer. We’re willing to pay for professional services from trusted providers, because they add value to our lives.

Your super is no different. ‘Active’ asset management means adopting investment strategies aimed at providing better returns for your investments than a passive index fund. HESTA works with some of the world’s most talented investment professionals that apply active management to provide a superior investment product, and more peace-of-mind for our members.


What it looks like

How do you know that you’re getting the value you pay for? Check the net returns generated after all fees and costs. Have a quick look at the performance data on the HESTA investment options.  Harnessing active management has helped generate this long-term performance. So although it increases our reported fees, we believe it’s worth it to drive higher net returns and improved outcomes for our members.  Because of the value our investment managers can keep delivering, we believe they’re worth what we pay them.


Active asset management also ensures somebody is staying on top of what’s happening in global markets and in Australia.  Our global investment managers are specialists in their diverse global markets, which means they can monitor and react to events in ‘real time’ – helping add return while also managing risks.


Active asset management ensures somebody is staying on top of what’s happening in global markets and in Australia.


Why (and how) we do it

‘Active’ managers aim to judge the risks in the markets and to adjust their shareholdings to benefit their investors by either additionally capturing 'up moves' in the share market or reducing the impact of 'down moves'.

Active management is also about the social and environmental value we can create for our members, so they have a better world to retire into.

HESTA is a strong advocate of equality in the workplace, and encourage companies we invest in to support women in the workforce. We invest in profitable social enterprise by using expert managers. We champion environmental sustainability, with a range of initiatives to encourage businesses and infrastructure to operate sustainably. We were also the first super fund to offer an environmental investment option, Eco Pool, way back in February 2000.

As a member, you have access to a range of investment options and expert help, so you can make sure your strategy fits your circumstances. HESTA also invests directly back into the health and community services sector by supporting life-changing innovations and vital infrastructure projects including hospitals and aged care homes.

There’s real value in active super management: not just from the strong financial rewards based on the knowledge of our investment team, but from helping to improve our members’ world. We believe that paying more to deliver higher net returns and outcomes for our members is a good decision.   


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