a brighter future


Enabling financial independence for women and families in India


At HESTA, over 80 percent of our members are women. It’s one of the main reasons we’re a strong advocate for legislative and systemic changes that can help ease gender based disadvantage.

Women across the globe face barriers to financial independence. So it makes sense for us to support SDG5 (Gender Equality) by investing in projects that help create a brighter future for women here and internationally. And it’s paying off directly for your super, too.



Investing for positive outcomes

We have chosen to invest with Northern Arc Capital through our investment manager LeapFrog Investments. Northern Arc Capital provides access to capital solutions for financially excluded and underbanked households and businesses across India.

Through partnerships with over 150 lending organisations, the company reaches far beyond the cities, to semi-urban and rural areas, providing microfinance, affordable housing finance, small business lending, and commercial vehicle funding. 70 percent of Northern Arc Capital’s beneficiaries are women, meaning that over 26 million women and their families are receiving access to fundamental financial services.

“Northern Arc gives over 38 million low income people access to finance they would otherwise struggle to get,” says Northern Arc CEO Kshama Fernandes.

By tapping into this underserved Indian cohort, HESTA members are receiving exposure to a huge market with the prospect of long term returns for many years to come.



A rising tide lifts all boats

“Access to finance is an empowering tool that helps individuals and enterprises at the bottom of the pyramid emerge out of their circumstances,” says Kshama.

Using the United National Sustainable Development Goals as a compass, we’re investing in responsible organisations like Northern Arc to play a role in making a better world for you to live, work and retire into.


Your future, better

It’s all about you. From investing your super for positive outcomes, to what we stand for, to how we work: it’s all for future you.

Take a look at some other ways we’re putting you first. 

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