community-led justice solutions


Just Reinvest from Sydney, NSW is a finalist in the 2019 HESTA Community Sector Awards.


Just Reinvest NSW is recognised for its work to reduce the number of Aboriginal people in prisons by supporting community-led justice reinvestment initiatives and advocating for systemic change to the criminal justice system.


The organisation advocates for investing in community-led solutions to create safe and strong communities and to reduce the number of people in prisons. Just Reinvest NSW works with communities to support young people, their families and the community to address the underlying issues that lead to incarceration.


A 2018 KPMG economic impact assessment of the Maranguka Justice Reinvestment initiative that partnered with Just Reinvest NSW in 2013, identified improvements in Year 12 student retention, a 23% reduction in police incidents and a 42% reduction of days offenders spent in custody. The team is now in the early stages of scoping interest in utilising a justice reinvestment framework with other NSW Aboriginal communities.

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