connecting super to the future


Flavio Alessio is a Member Education Manager in New South Wales.


Maths was always Flavio’s strongest subject at school, so it’s no surprise he began his career in banking, before moving into superannuation. The amalgamation of finance and helping people has turned out to be a winning combination for Flavio.


“Our members do some of the hardest jobs in the world. I take my hat off to them. It takes a very special kind of person to look after the elderly or work in community services and childcare,” says Flavio.


Flavio has been working in member education at HESTA for 15 years. It’s a role he gets a lot of personal satisfaction from. “When people applaud or let me know they have gotten something out of the education seminars I provide, I feel like I’ve really achieved something. I feel like day-to-day, I’m able to give really useful information to our members.”


A story for the generations

“Sometimes when I deliver a presentation I tell the story of my grandmother to help people understand that the earlier you start the more you’re going to have in retirement.

People deserve to have some sort of comfortable retirement, and for that you need to plan.

“My grandmother came from a generation of women who didn’t have paid work. She could live on the age pension because she had a very simple lifestyle. But nowadays, life is very expensive and we have an ageing population with fewer people in the workforce to support them. People deserve to have some sort of comfortable retirement, and for that you need to plan.”


“The most common question I get asked at education seminars is, ‘What can I do to ensure a comfortable retirement?’,” says Flavio. “It’s my job to educate people so they can make informed decisions on their investments and maximise the amount of money they save throughout their working life.”


Super for the future

Flavio believes that the earlier you start engaging with your super, the better off you’ll be in retirement. “I want young people to understand that the earlier you take an interest in your super the more you can accumulate during your working life.


“A lot of young people don’t know which investment options they have selected or are invested in. I always suggest they talk to one of our Superannuation Advisers and get into the right investment option. “There’s a disconnect between present and future self when it comes to super and I want to help young members make that connection.


“What I want people to understand the most is that super is their money, and taking an active interest now can mean a much more comfortable future.”

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