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Eco Pool is a good investment in more ways than one: in fact, it’s the top performing socially responsible (SRI) option in Australia.


Responsible towards the planet — and responsible for market-leading returns to our members?

That might sound too good to be true, so don’t just take our word for it…

Independent superannuation ratings agency, SuperRatings, has rated our Eco Pool investment option as the top performing balanced SRI option over 1, 5 and 10 year timeframes*.

"With the growing popularity of socially responsible superannuation investment options, it’s important to consider not only what these options exclude, but also if they’re investing in high-quality assets that will drive strong, long-term performance,” HESTA CEO Debby Blakey says.

“You don’t achieve this kind of outstanding track record of performance in your SRI option without also having a strong, long-term commitment to responsible investment that’s implemented across the broader portfolio and that’s integrated into all your investment decision making.”  


We were first – and that’s kept us on the front foot

“Eco Pool was the first socially responsible (SRI) superannuation investment option launched in Australia,” Debby points out.

Launched in 2000 — at the dawn of the responsible investment movement — Eco Pool has had nearly two decades to grow up strong. That time has allowed the HESTA internal investment team to build long-term relationships with specialist external managers who can deliver on Eco Pool’s strategy: to find investments that are ‘best in class’.

“We’ve developed a portfolio of investments that are among the best performers in their respective asset classes, sectors or industry both financially and across a range environmental, social and governance factors,” Debby confirms.


Clean is in – tobacco and coal can butt out

A lot of socially responsible investment options highlight what they don’t invest in. And we’re certainly proud of excluding fossil fuel, tobacco and uranium from Eco Pool’s investments.

But it’s important to ‘look under the bonnet’ and check if what they do invest in can deliver strong long-term performance for your super.



Core Pool

Limited fossil fuel exclusion (limited to new investments in thermal coal)

Integrates responsible investing principles

Eco Pool+Core Pool

Corporate engagement

Proxy voting

Tobacco exclusion

Renewable energy and cleantech investments

Social impact investments

Eco Pool

Fossil fuel exclusion

Enhanced integration of responsible investing principles

‘Best in class’ responsible companies

Uranium exclusion

Only green buildings



In a nutshell: aiming to ‘do good’ for the planet should also mean doing well for you.

“While Eco Pool has more extensive restrictions than other HESTA investment options, it’s also got exposure to high green-rated core property and innovative clean tech private equity,” Debby says.

This combined focus on responsibility and high performance is the key to Eco Pool’s success.


Using our powers for good, today and tomorrow

Our scale means we have the buying power to design investments within Eco Pool for both positive impact and potential return.

“[We empower our managers to] address both our responsible investment requirements and customise a sophisticated fossil fuel restriction,” Debby explains.

“We love to invest with high-performing managers who are skilled at putting a long-term sustainability lens over their decision making.”


*SuperRatings Sustainable Fund Credit Ratings Survey (30 June 2017)

What our members say

"Responsible investing is important to me - but this is my super, not a charity so I need it to accumulate for all of the right reasons. I have been aware for some time that Eco Pool tends to beat inflation." Dr Simon Knight



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