helping those who help others


As a Member Education Manager, Nicole Senz is passionate about the financial health of HESTA members


Nicole Senz grew up in a household where money was often discussed. The daughter of a bank manager, Nicole obtained a high level of financial literacy almost through osmosis. It was a skill she came to understand wasn’t shared by everyone, and something she wanted to share.

For the first part of Nicole’s professional life she worked for a large consulting firm. After 10 years, she was made redundant. This drove her to take stock of what she really wanted to achieve in life. She knew that explaining financial concepts was her key skill, and having the time to think about what she wanted to do with her life solidified where she wanted to use it.


A career helping others

“The only way my future job could be better than the last one was by helping people I valued. For me, these are the people who are passionate about helping others,” says Nicole. Having had personal experience with nurses working in the Australian health system, Nicole knew these were the people she wanted to help.

Throughout her 30s, Nicole was admitted to hospital 10 times in her efforts to start a family. “It was the most emotional and physical pain of my life,” says Nicole. She forged a bond with a nurse at Sandringham Hospital in Melbourne who came to her aid by offering emotional support when Nicole needed it most. “Sandringham Emergency was busy that night, however this nurse held my hand and stroked my face as I cried. She managed my physical and mental pain – that is humanity at its best.”

This was not the first time Nicole would encounter such compassion. “Eight months later I found myself at the hospital again and the same nurse was on duty. Even though she was about to finish work she remembered me and came straight over. She stayed until after her shift to ensure I was getting the care I needed.


Valuing nurses

“Throughout my many hospital visits, the care I received from this nurse remains my strongest memory. However, many nurses cared for me along my challenging journey to becoming a mother. With so many hospital visits over many procedures, there were always beautiful caring nurses supporting me throughout,” says Nicole.

Nicole believes that to be happy in life you need to help others. “I chose to work at HESTA because I wanted to give back to those who helped me through the hardest time of my life. I really admire what nurses do.”

"I chose to work at HESTA because I wanted to give back to those who helped me through the hardest time of my life."

Nicole has found that her reasons for choosing to work at HESTA are not dissimilar to those of her colleagues. “I thought I would get to HESTA and have a unique story, but the funny thing is that I don’t! Most of my co-workers have a similar story. We are more than just employees working for a super fund – we are passionate about making a difference to those who care for others.”

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