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Help and advice is part of the service we offer to HESTA members.


Advice about what you could be doing with your super may be just what you need. So, we’re here to help.


Information sessions

Are you in your 50s? You can register for an online information session to help guide you through steps you can take with your super in the lead up to retirement. 


If you’re aged over 60, you can register to attend an information session that will be run online. These sessions are tailored for you to talk about what your next chapter might look like. 


Talk to someone one-on-one

Sometimes only a one-on-one conversation will do. At HESTA, we offer two types of financial planning appointments. The first type is where we focus on you and your super with HESTA. We don't charge anything for these appointments.


The second is where we look more broadly at your – and maybe also your partner’s – financial situation. For these types of consultations, we charge a fee which is agreed up front. You can check out our Financial Services Guide for more information about our services and the different levels of advice available.



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