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HESTA member Ashleigh is an advocate for understanding super when you’re young.


Ashleigh has been a HESTA member ever since starting work in the care and protection field a few years ago. “It’s a sector I feel very passionate about. My job day-to-day is to work with parents to have their children restored to their care. We conduct therapeutic support groups, parenting educational programs, child development support and parenting support.”


Much like her career, super is something Ashleigh is also passionate about. “I really believe that you need to invest in yourself,” says Ashleigh. “I have a great interest in super. I feel like I have been able to make contributions where I can and make changes related to my super online.



“At 28 years old, I feel that while I’m trying my best, my knowledge could be stronger. I would love to know more in order to place myself in a better financial position when I retire.”


Taking the time to learn when you’re young

As part of her self-investment, Ashleigh plans to learn as much as she can to put herself in the best possible future financial position. “I would love to meet with someone soon to talk about my super and to have it explained to me,” says Ashleigh.


“While retirement is still a long way away for me, I know that super is a long-term investment. Taking the time to better understand it now will mean a more comfortable retirement where I can get to enjoy doing more of the things I love to do now – like spending time with my partner and our dogs, renovating our home and seeing family and friends.”



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