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Laura Dix is a Member Engagement Team leader in Victoria and Tasmania.


Laura Dix has been working in finance since 2011 and at HESTA for the past three years. It’s an area she’s always been passionate about. “Since a young age I have always been interested in building wealth and making smart decisions with money. Now it’s something I get to help our members with every day,” says Laura.


The importance of knowledge

Laura provides both general education as well as personal advice on HESTA products to members. “I love helping our members secure their best financial future through empowering them with the knowledge to make informed decisions,” says Laura. “Our members are often responsible for caring for the health of others, so to help them take care of their retirement nest egg is a real privilege.”


The best part of Laura’s job comes from sharing knowledge. “I love seeing members truly understand why doing something is going to be beneficial. Seeing them have ownership over their super and the choices they make in relation to it so they can secure their financial future is so rewarding.


“Helping our members understand something that they thought was really complicated is often followed by feedback that shows they really appreciated the simplification of the complex.  I’m so fortunate to work in a role where I can empower members to understand something they may have thought was quite difficult, and make it a little less scary,” says Laura.


Relationships with longevity

In her day-to-day work, Laura is able to have a long-term impact on the lives of HESTA members, especially those in the lead up to retirement. “I’ve often come across members after they’ve retired who are so grateful for the advice they received from HESTA in preparation for retirement. They often remark that it gave them the opportunity to meet their retirement goals,” says Laura.

I often tell members that 60 is the magic number, if you are still working at 60 we can help you grow your super without reducing your after tax pay

“Members still remember the HESTA staff member by name who helped them all those years beforehand. This really shows the impact we have for our members’ financial journeys to retirement.


“I often tell members that 60 is the magic number, if you are still working at 60, we can help you grow your super without reducing your current after tax pay.  No need to remember the complex ins-and-outs, all they need to do is to remember to contact us when they turn 60 – how easy is that?” says Laura.

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