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The global economy has seen its fair share of action over the past 12 months


HESTA Core Pool has performed strongly, with a result of 7.25% this financial year. This is an excellent result especially given the volatility in investment markets in the December quarter.


HESTA Income Stream members should also be happy with returns of 9.32% from our Balanced option and 6.00% from our Defensive option. Strong performance from the Bond market can take some of the credit for the result in Defensive performance.

In a similar story, Transition to Retirement members have seen a result of 7.46% in returns for the Balanced option and 5.19% for the Defensive option.


A more challenging investment environment

Chief Investment Officer Sonya Sawtell-Rickson says that the strength we’ve seen in the markets over the past few years will ease a bit. “While equity markets have performed well year-to date, we believe we’re now entering a time for caution as we anticipate more muted returns going forward.

“To counteract these expected changes we’ve re-routed our investment strategy to get the best returns for our members,” says Sonya. “What this means is, we’ve taken a more conservative approach to investments within our portfolio with a lower allocation to growth assets.”  


Super performance

Find out how our investment options have performed over the last year

Playing the long game

Time plays an important role when it comes to investing. It’s your time in the market, not timing the market, that helps to achieve maximum returns.

“The long-term horizon of the fund allows us to be patient to withstand the current economic headwinds and geopolitical uncertainties and will allow us to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.” says Sonya.


And for our income stream members?

Lower cash returns have meant a challenge in delivering the best results for HESTA income stream members, but that’s balanced out by other parts of our portfolios. “Falling bond yields have come on the back of lower interest rates which could imply a lower return for bonds going forward,” says Sonya.




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