our superannuation calculator


Our superannuation projection calculator can give you a snapshot of how your super is tracking, and where it needs to go

“It is definitely worthwhile to check how you your super is tracking,” says Betty Tran, a Certified Financial Planner at HESTA.  “The more interest you take in your finances early on, the better prepared you will be for your retirement.” 

Superannuation calculator

Find out what your super balance might be when you retire.

Our superannuation calculator will show you how much super you may have when you retire, and whether this might be above or below what you expect. “Your desired income expectations have a lot to do with the amount of super you should aim for at retirement,” says Betty.

“It all depends on what type of lifestyle you want. Some people are happy with a modest retirement while others might want to live a little and travel more often, dine out and engage in social activities.”

There are many variables that change over your working life that need to be taken into account. Your age, salary and contributions – from your employer and you – will all have an effect on superannuation balance. “The key is really planning early for your retirement so that you can have greater control of your finances,” says Betty.


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