salary sacrifice and super


Sacrificing (a bit of) your salary, not your super


Thinking about topping up your super by salary sacrificing? Great news: from 1 January 2020, employers can no longer use your salary sacrificed amounts to offset their 9.5 % super obligations.

We’re excited to see this become law next year – and we’re pretty sure you will be, too. 

It means you’ll get all the super that’s due to you, and every dollar counts towards your future.


Hold on: remind me what salary sacrifice is?

Salary sacrifice is when you ask your employer to direct a set amount of your before-tax pay into super, on top of the amount they need to pay by law. At the moment, that’s 9.5% of your before-tax salary or wages.* 


Why would I do that?

It’s a great way to build up your super and lower your taxable income. But it might not be the best option for you – make sure you’ve checked how it works before you ask your employer to set it up. It may not be available in every workplace.


Anything else I need to know?

Chatting with your employer is the first step to setting up salary sacrifice.

And you can always give our friendly team a call on 1800 813 327 if you want to know more. While they can’t set up salary sacrifice for you, they can help you figure out your next step.



*Superannuation Guarantee (SG) rate assumed at 9.5% each year until 1 July 2021 when the rate increases by 0.5% per annum until it reaches and stays at 12% from 1 July 2025 onwards.


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