sort your super early


One of the key things that comes along with a new job, but is often overlooked, is your super. Being informed early on will help get your super off to a great start, along with your career. 


One of the best things you can do to secure your financial future is to get your superannuation sorted early. Think of it as an investment in future you.


The basics

Every time you get paid, your pay slip should outline the number of hours you worked, how much you were paid, how much you were taxed and to what any super was paid.


How much?

Your employer must pay 9.5% of your ordinary earnings into your super fund if:

  • you’re over 18 and earned more than $450 in a month, or
  • you’re under 18 and worked more than 30 hours a week (but you still earned more than $450 in a month).

If you’re self-employed it falls on you to put money into your super account.


You can add more

If you earn under $53,564 in 2019-2020 you could choose to top up your super after tax to make the most of the government’s co-contribution. If you earn over that, you could salary sacrifice to reduce your taxable income.


Keep your super in one place

If you’ve had more than one job, you may have more than one super account. You might even have lost track of some accounts along the way. Multiple super accounts mean multiple fees which can eat away at your super savings over time. If you have a few accounts, you can consolidate all of these into one online pretty easily.


You’ve got the power

What you choose to invest in has power. At HESTA, we consider both people and the planet when it comes to investing your money. Our Eco Pool investment choice is socially responsible and excludes fossil fuels, tobacco and uranium.

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