burnt out? you're not alone


The ongoing global pandemic has taken a toll on many of our members.


As a workforce, no-one was impacted more by COVID than frontline workers in health and community services.

Now, more than ever, our members are re-evaluating their work/life balance. That might look like taking more time off, or it might look like changing career directions completely.


taking time off


If you're thinking of having a break and taking some time off paid work, it's a good idea to check 3 things related to your super first.


1. Reduce your expenses

Working out where you spend your money isn't always fun, but it is worthwhile. It can help you build a more financially secure future. Have a look through your bank statements and categorise your expenses to see where you could cut down – you might be surprised!


2. Understand how time off or reduced hours may impact your retirement

Your employer super contributions are determined by your salary. If you reduce the hours you’re working or take time off, this is naturally going to reduce the amount of super you receive from your employer — and the amount you have at retirement.


3. Check if you’re covered for not being able to work

It's worth checking if your income protection insurance will cover you for this time off. If you suddenly become sick or injured while you’re not working, you want to make sure you’re still covered. 


changing career directions


You can take HESTA with you wherever you go.

While we’ve been the specialist fund for health and community service workers for more than 30 years, we support all Australians, no matter their line of work.


Download choice of fund form (pdf)



think you’ll make a change soon?


No matter what your situation is, your HESTA super can stay with you. We’ve made it easy to keep it close, so you can make the most of it.


Learn more about changing jobs




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