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Kristina Coffey is a Superannuation Adviser in Sydney.

As someone who’s driven to seek better outcomes, Kristina finds herself in the ideal career - helping HESTA members achieve their retirement goals. “It’s very rewarding when I can provide my hard-working clients the peace of mind they need to take the leap and retire comfortably,” says Kristina.

Kristina didn’t know that financial planning was even a career until she left university, but she soon realised it was a perfect fit. After studying a Bachelor of Business at the University of Technology in Sydney, Kristina worked in a variety of positions honing her superannuation skills at a number of different financial services companies.


Kristina Coffey, Superannuation Specialist

Kristina Coffey


Inspired by the financial planners she worked with along the way, Kristina completed her Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning before joining HESTA.

Moving to the member education team at HESTA over five years ago, Kristina has also continued to educate herself while educating others, by completing her Master of Financial Planning in 2018.


Giving members the confidence to take the leap

“Getting the opportunity to speak to our members about life after retirement is amazing. It’s particularly gratifying when I’m able to work with a member to help them realise that they do have what they need to be able to retire,” says Kristina.

Kristina really values being able to meet with members face-to-face or via Zoom to provide advice about superannuation and retirement. “For many of our members, superannuation can be really complicated and unfamiliar– and that can make engaging with your retirement savings really daunting.

“The best thing about my job is being able to help members get the financial advice they’re entitled to as part of their membership. You wouldn’t believe how many members I meet who weren’t aware that HESTA can provide them with personal advice about their super!”


Education opportunities are everywhere

HESTA conducts many face-to-face information sessions as well as interactive online webinars. Kristina tells the story of two members she spoke with at an information session.

“Before sitting down to listen to the seminar, the couple chatted to me and said they were confident that they’d be able to live off the Age Pension in retirement and they didn’t think it was worth staying. I asked how much they thought they would be living off. They said, ‘Well the pension is $37,000 per annum each - so we can manage very well on that.’

“When I drew their attention to the Services Australia website that showed the Government Age Pension is a maximum of $37,000 per annum for a couple - they both went white! The couple ended up staying for the seminar and also booked an appointment with a HESTA Financial Adviser to discuss their options,” says Kristina.

“Luckily, they were able to work with their financial adviser to close their retirement gap.” 



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