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Jaime Seletto is a HESTA Member Education Manager in Victoria


As a child, maths was not a favourite subject for Jaime Seletto. That changed when a teacher came into her life who was able to communicate numbers in a different way. “This teacher opened up a new world for me. She removed the jargon and crazy symbols and spoke in plain English; I could understand it all. I just needed a little more help for the concepts to become clear,” says Jaime.

Jaime has been working in HESTA member education for 14 years. “I believe that anyone can manage their finances effectively. Some people just need a little help from someone who can guide them in a way that they understand.

“I take great pride in being the person who can break down difficult financial concepts so that they become easy for people to understand. I love seeing people take control of their finances, and feel huge satisfaction when they become confident in achieving their retirement outcomes.”

"I love seeing people take control of their finances, and feel huge satisfaction when they become confident in achieving their retirement outcomes."

Jaime says the best part about her job is the ability to make a difference in people’s lives. “When I first come into contact with members, they often lack confidence and are filled with fear for their financial future. They don’t really understand what will happen when they retire and they don’t think they will have enough money to live comfortably.

“It’s my job to empower them to make positive changes to their super which will enable them to achieve financial security in retirement,” says Jaime.


A personal connection

“When my sister was 26, her husband was killed in a car accident on the way home from work. She had a four year old son and was 10 weeks pregnant with their second child. You often hear about road toll fatalities in the media, but you never expect your loved one to be part of those statistics.

“As individuals, most of us are programmed to think that we are 10 foot tall and bullet proof. Life insurance can seem very unimportant when looking through this lens. But life insurance becomes very, very relevant when things go wrong.

“I was in the privileged position of being able to guide my sister through setting up appropriate insurance, and then helping her to claim benefits in the most horrific of circumstances.

“When someone dies, it’s not possible to take away the grief that they experience. But it is possible to remove their financial stress by having adequate insurance in place.

“My sister had many things to worry about in the years following her husband’s death, but money in the short term wasn’t one of them,” says Jaime.


Education is key

Jaime believes that education is power when it comes to super. “I think all members can achieve wonderful financial outcomes with a little bit of planning. That’s where someone like me comes in.”


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