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Right now, somewhere in the world, someone else is feeling as good about your super as you are

Like Rachael, you do what you do because you care passionately: for others, and for the future we’re creating for our kids.

And some of the world’s biggest companies want us to invest your super with them. So we use that opportunity to make them accountable: for how they treat their workers, their communities and our environment.


More than just a feel-good story

Our investment managers jump through hoops to invest your money as responsibly as you would yourself.

That’s because a good investment is one that responds to our changing world.

What does ‘good’ actually look like?

Here are some of the things our managers need to look at (and feel confident about) before they invest your super in a company.




How’s the planet looking?



Do they keep an eye on climate change?

Are they watching their greenhouse gas emissions?

Are they concerned about loss of species, habitat and natural resources?

Are they especially careful about how they use water?

Do they plan to control pollution and waste?



How are companies behaving?


Do they have a good workplace health and safety record (or are they working on it)?

Do they respect human rights?

Do they treat workers fairly throughout their supply chain?

Do they engage actively with community concerns?

Do they have balanced, inclusive, independent leadership?

Do they aim to keep an eye on executive pay?

Do they have zero tolerance for corruption?

Do they manage risks effectively?

Are they transparent? 

Good karma

What’s good for our planet and its people is good for you too. On top of being the right thing to do, keeping a close eye on sustainability is one of the main ways we can help you get the most value for your super dollar.

When a company’s share price tanks because of a scandal, an accident, community pressure, climate change…your long-term investment returns could take a hit too.

Backing companies that do the right thing makes as much sense for your super balance as it does for the people you’re investing in.

So keep doing what you do best. Together, we’re creating a fairer, healthier, happier world, one good investment at a time.



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Let’s make your future better than good.

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