electronic communication

Consent to receive electronic communication.

1. You agree that H.E.S.T. Australia Limited may give you any notices and documents required by or under legislation, a government or regulatory body or any relevant industry rules, codes or standards that apply, by electronic communication in accordance with this ‘Consent to Receive Electronic Communication’.

2. For the purposes of this ‘Consent to Receive Electronic Communication’, electronic communication means communication:

2.1. Sent to an electronic address nominated by you; or

2.2. Made available to you through digital services, on the condition that H.E.S.T. Australia Ltd notifies you at an electronic address nominated by you;

2.2.1. That the information is available;

2.2.2. The nature of the information; and

2.2.3. How to access the information.

3. You will not receive a paper copy of any relevant notice or document, except where;

3.1. H.E.S.T. Australia Ltd chooses to give you a paper copy, or

3.2. You request a paper copy.

4. You may at any time remove your consent to receive electronic communication by notifying H.E.S.T. Australia Ltd in writing.

5. It is your responsibility to;

5.1. Ensure you maintain appropriate software and hardware to access, view, retrieve, print, and/or save electronic communications from us;

5.2. Ensure your nominated email address is capable of receiving electronic communications from us (for example by ensuring your nominated email address is current and emails from us are not blocked);

5.3. Regularly check to see if you have received any electronic communications from us; and 5.4. Keep a record of any notice or document sent to you by electronic communication (for example by printing or saving the notice or document) – and we strongly recommend that you do so.

6. A notice or document sent to you by electronic communication will be deemed to have been received by you at the time the relevant electronic communication enters your information system.