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Our wellbeing webinar series for employers in partnership with AIA Australia has been curated with HESTA employers' needs in mind.

designing work to support employees in the health and community services sector

Insights from the University of Sydney

Significant life events and poor mental health can make it difficult for people working in the health and community services sector to maintain their workforce participation.

The wellbeing of employees in this industry is essential to both the employees themselves, and to the people they care for.

But a combination of factors like unexpected life events while struggling with workplace issues such as staff shortages ― coupled with the often physical and emotional nature of this work ― makes it difficult for employees to maintain their hours. This can lead to increased absences due to poor mental health.

Research also shows that poor mental health can have a negative effect on super balances, and even lead to employees retiring early*. 

Our webinar

In this webinar for employers, we’ll explore the steps organisations can take towards better work design to support employees through life’s challenges and improve mental health ― ultimately enabling them to remain in the workforce.

Our experts will explore:

  • research into work design and mental health in the health and community services industry
  • research findings on barriers to women’s labour force participation
  • what people need to stay connected to the workforce when experiencing crisis
  • ideas for employers to create a healthy and productive work environment for all employees.


 * November 2023 HESTA analysis of super balances and retirement ages of all HESTA members who had made a mental health Income Protection (IP) claim in the previous two years, compared to all other HESTA members who did not make an IP claim.




recorded webinars




Mid-life health and wellbeing

To help you provide the support your employees may need to thrive at work despite their symptoms, in partnership with AIA Australia, we discussed how you can support employees experiencing menopause and perimenopause.

We were thrilled to welcome guest speakers Dr Marita Long (MBBS FRACGP DCH Cert of Sexual and Reproductive Health), General Practitioner and Board Director of Australasian Menopause Society (AMS) and Lauren Reynolds, Shared Value Manager from AIA Australia.


  • Evidence-based education around menopause
  • Strategies for supporting employees experiencing mid-life, to enable continued participation in the workforce and better job satisfaction.


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Improving return to work outcomes for employees with breast cancer: a webinar for HR leaders and people leaders

Returning to work is a key milestone for an individual recovering from breast cancer - positively affecting their quality of life, self-esteem and personal finances - and for their employer.

In partnership with AIA Australia, we will unpack:

  • the breast cancer claims experience of HESTA members
  • how you can provide support for your employees while they’re on leave and preparing to return to work
  • the support programs offered through AIA Australia designed to improve health and return to work outcomes.

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Supporting employees through financial stress

Presented in partnership with AIA Australia, this webinar explored how financial stress may affect your employees and how you can support them to feel in control of their finances and financially secure, helping to improve their overall wellbeing.

HESTA’s General Manager – Advice, Jen Harding was joined by AIA’s Shared Value Manager, Lauren Reynolds, to unpack:

  • the impact of personal financial stress on employees
  • studies linking financial and mental health challenges
  • the impact of employees’ financial wellbeing on the workplace
  • HESTA tools and services designed to help improve our members’ financial wellbeing.


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The importance of social connection: a webinar for HR and people leaders

To help provide the critical support your employees may need, in partnership with our insurer AIA Australia, we hosted a webinar on the importance of social connection.

Hear from Dr Michelle Lim, leading scientific expert in loneliness and chair of Ending Loneliness Together, and Alison Mclean, AIA Australia's General Manager of Shared Value Partnerships, followed by a panel discussion.



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Workplace resilience: helping rebuild resilience in teams under pressure

Presented in partnership with AIA Australia in March 2022, this recorded webinar is designed to help you support your employees’ mental health and (re)build their resilience — both of which may have been challenged during the pandemic.

Hear from Aaron Williams, Mindstar, and Rob Prugue, Chair of People Reaching out to People (PROP), followed by a panel discussion.


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Enabling employees with chronic pain

In partnership with AIA Australia, our Enabling employees with chronic pain recorded webinar shares insights to help you better support your employees and help them contribute at their best when they’re able.

Our distinguished keynote speaker, Professor Lorimer Moseley AO, presents modern pain science and care in a nutshell, focussing on four key pain insights.


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additional resources


The following resources can be shared with employees to help support their mental and financial wellbeing.


Please reach out to your key HESTA contact or call our employer support team on 1800 813 327 to find out more about how we can support you and your employees.