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Registrations for the FY23 Annual Member Meeting are now closed.


Our FY23 Annual Member Meeting was held on 27 February 2024. Our Executive Team and Board presented on our purpose, strategy and governance, investments, and how we deliver value to our members and partners. If you weren't able to attend, the recording and minutes of the meeting will be made available on this page within 30 days of the event.


frequently asked questions


General account


You'll usually find your member number on your HESTA welcome letter or email, statements and e-newsletters.

Or you can call us on 1800 813 327 between 8am-8pm AET, Monday to Friday and we'll be happy to give you your member number over the phone once we've checked your details.

It’s easy to set up your online account. Just have your member number ready, visit and we’ll take you through the next steps to get your online account up and running.

If you’ve got your member number, you can reset your password by selecting the 'Forgot password' link.


HESTA fund


HESTA has more than one million members and approximately $76 billion in assets*. We're a specialist industry super fund with deep connections to health and community services.

At HESTA, we invest in and for people who make our world better. Super with impact™ is the positive outcome we create by supporting our members to face the future with confidence, being a gutsy advocate for a fair and healthy community, and delivering investment excellence with impact.

Find out more about HESTA.

Learn more about Super with impact™.

* As at 28 November 2023.


Fees and advice


We regularly review our fees and costs to ensure they remain competitive while providing the services, benefits, information, member care and online tools that you expect.

Read more about our fees and costs.

The cost of providing most advice about your HESTA super account is included in your administration fees and costs. For the times you need a bit of extra help, you can access advice on many topics in relation to your HESTA account from one of our super advisers at no extra cost.

We may also refer you to a third-party provider for comprehensive financial advice on a fee-for-service basis. This cost is agreed with you in advance.  

Read more about our advice options.


Security and risk management


Your data (along with your super) is one of the most precious assets you own. It’s why we have put in place many ways to help protect you from cyber security risk.

We will only collect personal information which is necessary for the purposes of carrying out our functions and activities as a superannuation trustee and provider of financial products and services. For further information relating to how we use, collect, and disclose your information, you can read our Privacy Policy.

When you activate your online account, you can set up two layers of security for extra peace of mind.

Read more about how your data is protected.




Our mobile app was made available in the App Store and Google Play in July 2023. It allows you to update your details, and view your current balance and contributions. You can also view the details required to make an after-tax contribution, the information you need to share with your employer, all transactions, and your investment options.

Read more about the HESTA mobile app.




We offer the flexibility to tailor your own portfolio or choose from five Ready-Made options each for Super and Income Stream members (see below). These options are designed to meet the needs of those wanting exposure to a diversified portfolio of investments across different asset classes and with different risk/return outcomes:

  • Balanced Growth (HESTA MySuper default option) 
  • Conservative
  • Indexed Balanced Growth
  • Sustainable Growth
  • High Growth

We also offer five Your Choice options each for Super and Income Stream members (see below). These options are designed to meet the needs of those wanting specific exposure to a certain asset class or asset classes to suit their financial needs and objectives. 

  • Cash and Term Deposits 
  • Diversified Bonds 
  • Property and Infrastructure
  • International Shares 
  • Australian Shares 

You can tailor your own portfolio using a combination of Ready-Made and Your Choice options. In addition, for our Retirement Income Stream members, you can also choose the Retirement Income Stream Ready-Made Strategy which is designed to reduce exposure to high-risk assets over time. To help you choose an investment portfolio that suits your personal circumstances, our financial advice team is available to provide expert and personalised insights.

Read more about our investment options.


Performance and investment


Our default investment options — where most members are invested — have performed strongly, despite the challenging inflationary environment and the impact of higher interest rates on the economy.

Our MySuper Balanced Growth option returned 9.59% over the year to 30 June 2023. Over the 10-year period to 30 June 2023, Balanced Growth achieved average annualised returns of 8.02% p.a.*

For our members in the retirement phase, our HESTA Income Stream Ready-Made Strategy comprises two investment options: Income Stream Balanced Growth and Income Stream Conservative.

Our Income Stream Balanced Growth option returned 11.79% for the year to 30 June 2023. Over the 10-year period to 30 June 2023, this option achieved average annualised returns of 8.65% p.a.* Our Income Stream Conservative option returned 6.40% for the year to 30 June 2023. Over the 10-year period to 30 June 2023, this option achieved average annualised returns of 6.00% p.a.*

Pleasingly, these three investment options have all outperformed their 10-year inflation-linked investment objectives to 30 June 2023.

At HESTA, we have a history of strong long-term performance. HESTA was one of the first super funds to receive the 20-year platinum performance rating from ratings agency SuperRatings – the highest rating possible.^

See our investment performance.

Read our latest investment update.

^ Source: SuperRatings. Product ratings and awards are only one factor to be considered when making a decision. SuperRatings is part of the Lonsec group – go to for important information about this rating.

* Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Returns are net of investment fees and costs, transaction costs and taxes.


Proceeds of dividends


Franking credits are generated by Australian shares held across the Fund, and are applied in our Your Choice Australian Shares option or our Ready-Made options which have exposure to Australian shares.

For our accumulation, Transition to Retirement (TTR) and Retirement Income Stream (RIS) including Term Allocated Pension (TAP) members, this franking credit benefit will be reflected in the unit price of the investment options.

Therefore, each member will receive the correct proportion of franking credit benefit relative to the number of units they hold in options that receive franking credits.

NB: While franking credits are reflected in the unit prices, investment earnings are taxed (except for RIS and TAP).


Financial disclosure and marketing


At HESTA, we aim to create long-term value for our members. To do this, we need to maintain the highest standards of fund governance. This in turn requires strong control mechanisms to encourage robust decision-making, accurate and timely execution of decisions, clear and effective accountability, regular review and assessment of governance policies and procedures, and transparency.

We believe in being fully transparent in our relevant disclosures which you can find at

HESTA invests in advertising to build brand awareness to enable member growth. We believe member growth is critical in providing benefits of scale that can help us deliver the best possible retirement outcomes for our members. It’s our view that growing the fund can help us:

  • keep our operating costs low for members
  • improve our ability to attract quality investment opportunities
  • expand our range of products and services
  • focus on further improving members’ experiences with us.




HESTA members receive insurance with HESTA when they become eligible. This generally includes:

  • Income Protection (IP) Cover to age 67 with a benefit payment period of up to five years payable after a 90 day waiting period. The IP Cover includes a Permanent Incapacity Support Benefit of $10,200 to eligible claimants
  • Death Cover up to age 75.

Optional insurance cover that members can apply and be underwritten for includes:

  • IP cover that ceases at age 60 or age 67 with various benefit payment periods and waiting periods
  • additional death cover up to age 75
  • a reduced insurance fee for those members who meet certain occupational criteria and apply for the reduced insurance fee.

If your circumstances or financial commitments change, it's a good idea to review your insurance cover. You can do this at any time by checking your latest member statement or viewing your online account at

Effective from 1 July 2023, there were some changes to insurance cover through HESTA, including the insurance fees charged. These changes help ensure that the cover continues to be sustainable, so we can continue to offer members access to protection for the times they need it most and that the cost of cover better reflects the level of insurance risk at each age. Read more about insurance changes.

You can also read the full Significant Event Notice.


You can find answers to some of the most common questions members ask in our FAQs.




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