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HESTA is the national industry super fund for health and community services. We have representatives in each state and territory, and we're happy to help you with all your super needs.

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Our service team supports our members and employers throughout Australia and includes:

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Client Relationship Team

Our Client Relationship Managers provide HESTA employers with information and support in relation to their super obligations, HESTA services and benefits available to organisations and employees.

  • General Manager CherylMacnaught THUMB

    Cheryl Macnaught
  • General Manager KylieWhicher THUMB

    Kylie Whicher

  • Mark Ashby 

    Mark Ashby NSW

  • BronwynBarling Thumb 

    Bronwyn Barling QLD

  • TonyCuda THUMB 

    Tony Cuda VIC

  • JoanneFenton THUMB 

    Joanne Fenton TAS

  • Michele Herbert thumb 

    Michele Herbert WA

  • Helena Higginbottom THUMB

    Helena Higginbottom VIC

  • Colleen Hogan Manning

    Colleen Hogan-Manning SA

  • AmyHoran THUMB

    Amy Horan VIC

  • StephIngs THUMB 

    Stephanie Ings NSW

  • Graham King

    Graham King WA

  • Tony Kotsonis

    Tony Kotsonis  NT

  • Elaine Lawler

    Elaine Lawler NSW

  • PeterMurphy THUMB 

    Peter Murphy ACT  

Member Education Team

 HESTA Member Education Managers specialise in delivering quality education on super and related matters. Member Education Managers meet ongoing education requirements to deliver quality financial education in the workplace.

  • General Manager 
    Connie Letizia

    Connie Letizia
  • General Manager 
    KenWhitton THUMB

    Ken Whitton

  • Flavio Alessio

    Flavio Alessio NSW

  • Cheryl Heath

    Cheryl Heath NSW

  • Marian Hegarty

    Marian Hegarty QLD

  • Michele Herbert thumb 

    Michele Herbert WA

  • Sharon Johnston

    Sharon Johnston VIC

  • Tony Kotsonis

    Tony Kotsonis NT

  • StuMorley 0115 Thumb

    John Leitch VIC

  • David Logan

    David Logan VIC

  • DanielleLudowyke THUMB 

    Danielle Ludowyke NSW

  • RebeccaMetuisela THUMB 

    Rebecca Metuisela NSW

  • PeterMurphy THUMB 

    Peter Murphy ACT 

  • CarmenRansley THUMB 

    Carmen Ransley TAS

  • Jaime Seletto

    Jaime Seletto VIC

  • Shirley Sutherland

    Shirley Sutherland SA

  • Sam Thompson  

    Sam Thompson QLD

  • JordannaVanderstadt THUMB

    Jordanna Vanderstadt VIC

  • EmlynWhetnall Thumb

    Emlyn Whetnell WA

Member Advice Team

Our team of Superannuation Advisers, Associate Superannuation Advisers and Financial Planners specialise in the delivery of advice about super.

Superannuation Advisers can provide one-on-one personal advice to members on matters such as HESTA's investment choices and insurance options, making additional contributions and transferring to the HESTA Income Stream.

Associate Superannuation Advisers 

Our Associate Superannuation Advisers provide general telephone advice to members on aspects of HESTA superannuation.

Financial Planners 

HESTA Financial Planners have the expertise and qualifications to consider your personal financial needs — both inside and outside of super. This means they can help you make important decisions about your super as well as your other assets. Financial Planning is provided on a fee-for-service basis, but fees are fixed and quoted up-front with no hidden costs.


Superannuation Advisers and Associate Superannuation Advisers are representatives of H.E.S.T. Australia Ltd. HESTA Financial Planners and Paraplanners are authorised representatives of Industry Fund Services Ltd (IFS) ABN 54 007 016 195 AFSL No. 232514. H.E.S.T. Australia Ltd has shares in the company that owns IFS, but does not receive any commissions as a result of members using their services. IFS is responsible for the advice given by its authorised representatives.


Please note – the publication you are downloading may contain forms that collect personal information. Information you provide on these forms, and any subsequent information you provide to us or our service providers in relation to this form, is collected in accordance with the HESTA Privacy Collection Statement. Where you provide us with personal information about another person, it is your responsibility to notify that person about the disclosure of their personal information to us.

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