advocate with influence

We’re a gutsy advocate for a fair and healthy community to better deliver good financial outcomes. HESTA Impact is about using our voice and actions to fulfil this promise.

equal outcomes for members


Over 80% of HESTA members are women. As a gutsy advocate for our members, we invest to influence and advocate for policy change.


advocacy and investment returns


HESTA's advocacy strategy aims to create greater financial opportunity and prosperity for all Australians, which in turn can strengthen markets and grow our members' retirement savings.

At HESTA, we recognise our influential position in the economy and across society. We also recognise the responsibility that comes with having over 900,000 members who trust us to look after their financial future. This means addressing systemic issues that are at odds with maintaining and building sustainable financial markets and a sustainable economy that rewards all Australians.


advocating for real world change


To support sustainable economies and deliver real world outcomes, we seek relevant change or development of laws, regulations, standards or guidelines that will lead to long-term performance of markets and reduce failures. We are actively involved in public policy debates that affect our members and women more broadly.

We engage directly with decision makers and contribute to policy debates through our membership of Industry Super Australia, the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia, and the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees.


HESTA policy submissions

HESTA policy submissions are available below. For any policy-related questions, please contact James Bennett on (03) 8665 9217 or



protecting aboriginal heritage


When the 46,000-year-old Juukan Gorge was destroyed, HESTA immediately called for Rio Tinto to address their internal treatment of traditional owners. HESTA worked with a galvanised network of institutions to achieve an agreement with Rio Tinto on improved disclosure and governance arrangements.

Furthermore, HESTA identified a systemic risk to heritage protected sites, as a result of mining and energy operations. A commitment to strong governance and partnerships with traditional owners will be required to prevent further loss of heritage sites.


40:40 Vision


In October 2020, HESTA launched 40:40 Vision, an investor-led initiative to achieve gender balance of 40% identifying as female, 40% identifying as male and 40% identifying as any gender in executive leadership across Australia’s largest 200 listed companies.

The 40:40 Vision initiative has created a platform for other companies to pledge their support. Currently, institutional investors representing over $6 trillion in assets have joined HESTA’s commitment to gender balance in senior leadership across all ASX200 companies by 2030.





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Invest with purpose

Investing for long-term performance requires a long-term perspective on how investments improve the planet and society. Superannuation is a lifetime strategy. HESTA invests for the whole journey.

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Lead by example

We’re committed to reducing our environmental impact today for a better tomorrow.

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HESTA Impact & UN SDGs

With the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as our compass, we’re delivering long-term value for our members, our community and our planet.

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