a born educator


Andrew Parish is a Superannuation Adviser in Brisbane.

Financial advice runs in the family for Andrew, with both his father and sister working in financial advice. When Andrew was growing up, his Dad thrived on sharing his love of investment or financial concepts. With a knack for numbers, problem solving and helping people, financial advice and member education was a natural career path for Andrew.

But first, Andrew spent some time in a very different space, serving four years in the Australian Army. “The discipline you learn in the army sets you up to achieve anything you set your mind to,” says Andrew.



Andy George, Superannuation Specialist

Andrew Parish, HESTA Superannuation Adviser


This has certainly been the case for Andrew who’s studied the field of finance widely. He’s completed an Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning), a Master of Financial Planning, a Master of Business Administration and he’s currently studying a Master of Professional Accounting. “I believe constantly furthering my own education enables me to better educate our members.”

Over the past 15 years, Andrew has held a number of financial advice positions in New South Wales and Queensland at both banks and super funds, as well in private financial advice practices.


Educating the people that care

For Andrew, being able to help people is what he loves the most about his job. “I know how hard the people within the health and community services sectors work. My wife is a nurse and my mum was also a nurse. They give so much, always putting others ahead of themselves. It’s nice to be able to help them out wherever we can.”

Educating members and explaining difficult concepts is one of the most important and rewarding parts of Andrew’s job.

Being able to see a member experience a ‘lightbulb moment’ after explaining a concept is one of the perks of his job. 

Andrew also considers it a privilege to be able to work so closely with HESTA members who work so hard to help others. “I love helping members achieve something they didn’t know was possible,” says Andrew. 

"It’s such a good feeling to finish an appointment with a member looking relieved, reinvigorated and excited for their future."


He recently met with an older member that was finding work a bit more stressful than they’d like and feared there was no way they’d be able to retire.

With Andrew’s help, the member was able to set things in place to enable them to retire soon. “It’s such a good feeling to finish an appointment with a member looking relieved, reinvigorated and excited for their future.”



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