a holistic approach to fitness


For HESTA member Megan, her approach to super is similar to her approach to staying fit and healthy.


Megan is a Dietitian and Personal Trainer. She works at a gym training clients, consults at a medical centre and also runs outdoor fitness classes at the local park.  “I'm passionate about food and exercise in both my personal and professional life,” says Megan who has been with HESTA since starting work at age 16. “I've played soccer all my life and am a keen long-distance runner - competing in half and full marathons.”


Megan has a holistic attitude to health – where staying fit also applies to her finances. “For me, super is something I also try to be active with. I’ve tried to make sure I have an understanding of how super works, including that it's savings that I can access when I retire, that I can choose where I invest my money, and that I can choose to have insurance within it.”


HESTA member Megan after completing a half marathon HESTA member Megan after completing a half marathon.


Being super active

“HESTA has always been my nominated super fund. I am happy to stay with HESTA because they’re the industry super fund for my profession,” says Megan.


“I like to check my HESTA balance to see that money is going in, and my investments are growing. I also read my annual statement every year.” For Megan, taking an active interest now is key. “I still have a very long time until I retire, but I think it’s important to think about super when you’re young, like me,” says Megan.


“I would encourage my friends to be active and engaged with their superannuation because if you start this when you’re young, you have every chance to maximise your savings.”

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