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Baby on the way? Did you know HESTA members may be eligible to get up to a 12-month break from paying insurance fees while they’re on parental leave – and stay protected 24/7?


Bringing your baby home is one of life’s most amazing adventures. And with your hands full, you really don’t need to be worrying about life’s less happy ones (like sudden illness or injury).

That’s why we have insurance fee-free cover during parental leave. That means your cover continues even while you’re away from work — and you won’t pay a cent in insurance fees from your super.

It’s our way of helping keep your growing family safe and your super where it belongs  — so you can focus on what really matters.


Already with HESTA (and ready to welcome a new person?) 

Here’s how you organise your 12 months of fee-free, round the clock cover.

You can get fee-free cover during parental leave if: 

  • you’re employed and
  • your parental leave is approved by your employer, and
  • your insurance cover is current.

You’ll find all the details in Insurance options (pdf).

They’ll just need to complete the Notification of parental leave form (pdf).

Then we can swing into action and put your fees on hold.

Your fee-free cover continues while on parental leave for up to 12 months.



heard about spouse contributions?

While you're on parental leave, it might make sense for your working partner to give you a top up. And there are tax benefits too.

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