"a sister ready to listen"



A Women's Information and Referral Exchange (WIRE) service user describes how WIRE's AMICA Club for homeless and isolated women has helped her – and shares her thoughts on International Women's Day.


Why are WIRE’s services so valuable for women in the community?

It’s vitally important for all women, but especially those who are more vulnerable and may be facing challenges with housing or other issues, to have a place to come to for referrals and support as well as computer, phone and printing services. WIRE is unique in Melbourne and offers a variety of services to women in various stages of need. It’s a safe place to be and gives me a sense of belonging.


How has WIRE’s support made a difference in your life?

WIRE’s support has been constant and unwavering over many years - more intensive at times when I was facing homelessness or other traumatic events and always friendly and very supportive. When I needed a safe and caring environment it was there, with no judgement. Without WIRE I would not be able to have so many female friends in one place and share so many things happily.


What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

It's a day for all people to join together and celebrate the beauty and unique characteristics shared by females: strength, gentleness, fairness, nurturing, humour, love, child bearing. It means innovative women, warrior women, wise older women.

No matter where a woman is on her journey, there is often a sister ready to listen, offer a helping hand, a smile, advice or whatever else may be needed to empower and encourage a fellow woman.


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We speak up for others. We're dedicated to people in health & community services. And, we're committed to creating better futures for our members, women and in fact, all Australians.