a sunnier outlook


Harnessing the power of the sun for a cleaner future

If there’s one resource we have plenty of, it’s sunlight. Harnessing it to generate clean energy (and solid returns for your super) seems like a pretty great way to brighten your future.

As the global community moves away from traditional power towards cleaner, more efficient energy, investing in solar energy is a win-win for our members, and the planet.


The future is bright

Through our investment manager KKR we’ve invested in X-Elio energy, a leading global developer and operator of photovoltaic plants to generate solar energy. X-Elio runs plants across 12 countries including the US, Italy, Chile, South Africa, Japan and Spain.  That’s a big contribution to a cleaner future.

Take a closer look at the Fukuroda photovoltaic plant which was opened in 2014 in Ibaraki, Japan.

X-Elio’s focus on the planet and people extends to the design, construction and commissioning of their plants, and the health and safety of their employees and subcontractors.



Putting our members at the forefront

At HESTA, it’s our job to create long-term value for our members. By investing in X-Elio we’re supporting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular SDG 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy).

By adhering to these United Nations’ SDGs we’re helping to support clean alternatives to fossil fuels, as well as support an industry that is likely to become a growing source of returns for you.


Your future, better

It’s all about you. From investing your super for positive outcomes, to how we influence positive change, to how we work: it’s all for future you.



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