a work in progress


Nada is taking steps to achieve financial independence in retirement.


Nada is a HESTA member who over the past few months has become more engaged with her super. “I recently consolidated my super. When changing jobs, I was someone who always selected the fund the organisation was using and over the years I had somehow accumulated six super funds! My tax accountant encouraged me to change it online, so I logged into MyGov and managed to roll over all my funds to HESTA. The process was very easy,” says Nada.


Nada has been with HESTA since 2016. She chose HESTA because of how it aligns to her values. “HESTA supports those in the health and community services industry and I admire how HESTA supports women. As a single woman, I feel that HESTA supports me and my future.”


Nada considers her knowledge of super as a work in progress. “I understand the basics of super. I know I get super on top of my salary and that accumulates for when I retire. Super is something I’d like to delve into more deeply,” says Nada. “Financial independence as you get older is so important.”

“Financial independence as you get older is so important.”

Before starting her most recent job in office administration, Nada worked in disability and aged care. “My passion for the industry was in making the smallest difference for one of my clients, one client, a man in his 40s was non-mobile. He lived in supported accommodation and every week I arranged his hydrotherapy class with carers he was comfortable with, and that he trusted. One week he called me sounding very happy and told me he had taken a few steps out of his wheelchair on his own. This was a huge achievement for him.”


Having helped care for others, super is a way that Nada can care for herself financially in retirement. “I think about super, and I often question what I will need to retire comfortably,” says Nada. “Retirement to me means enjoying time with family and friends, travelling and socialising without worrying about financial support.”

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