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David Francis is a Superannuation Adviser in Western Australia.


David Francis found his passion for economics and finance early on, thanks to an influential secondary school teacher who had a love of economics. “He taught me that economics is essentially the study of how people deploy resources to meet human needs, and that was something I’ve always been really interested in,” says David.


David went on to pursue finance and economics at university, and through some invaluable work experience, he was able to see the benefit of financial advice. “I was working at a small financial planning practice where I could see confusion and uncertainty turn to clarity for their clients.  Financial advice can really empower people”.


David Francis, HESTA Super Adviser

David Francis, HESTA Super Adviser


When expertise is key

David has a particularly strong memory of one HESTA member he met with who was struggling with her finances. “This member was in her mid-60s with a modest super balance. She was still paying her home mortgage and working permanently on the night shift. She had been working for over 40 years and wanted to slow down, but thought it was impossible in her situation,” says David.


“By understanding her needs, reviewing her circumstances and providing her with professional advice around the opportunities available to her, she was able to finish work and replace her working income with HESTA and Centrelink Age Pension,” says David. “At the end of our meeting she was in tears. I’ll never forget the immediate impact I was able to have on her life.”


Personal achievement and longevity

For David, working with HESTA members brings an immense sense of personal achievement. “Showing members how their retirement objectives can be achieved when they might be feeling anxious and vulnerable is immensely satisfying,” says David.


“Being able to offer a sense of reassurance as well as clarity is what drives me to come to work every day. Financial advice is not only for the wealthy. It should be accessible to everyday, ‘mum and dad’ investors because everyone can benefit from personal financial advice.”



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