better outcomes for cancer patients


The breast cancer journey is tough enough on women without the debilitating after-effects of treatment. Hot flashes and night sweats are more than an inconvenience for many going through chemotherapy: they can seriously affect their quality of life.


But a new treatment could help combat these side effects of chemotherapy, to help women live well during and after treatment. And HESTA members are part of this game-changing work through our investment in health innovation.

Developed by Que Oncology, a company within our investment manager Brandon Capital Partners’ Medical Research Commercialisation Fund, the Q-122 therapy works through the hypothalamus which controls thermoregulation.

Unlike many other therapies developed to curb hot flashes, Q-122 is non-hormonal, which makes it safe as well as effective for breast cancer patients.


A unique way to ease the journey

Que Oncology CEO Rob Crombie says this makes the new drug unique in the current market, and potentially life-changing for affected women.

“Breast cancer patients get severe hot flashes and night sweats, which disrupt sleep, so they get these side effects which have a major impact on quality of life at the very time that these patients should be getting supportive care and recovering,” Rob says.

Que Oncology is a joint venture between University of Queensland and Emory University in Atlanta, USA. The MCRF funding has enabled the company to go to trial with Q-122, and to explore other potential applications including hot flashes during menopause and prostate cancer treatment.

Our investment in Que Oncology shows how HESTA is delivering financial returns in line with members’ interests, says former Head of Impact Mary Delahunty.

“For us, the HESTA impact is about making a real difference to the financial future of every member and, in the process, having a positive impact on the world into which they will retire.”





Building your industry, together

Your super is invested in the future of health, aged care and the community.

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