brain training 101


Just as your body needs a work out to stay fit and healthy, so does your mind. Discover some simple tips to boost your brainpower. 


Singing gives your mind a boost, positively affecting your mood, memory and concentration. “Singing increases neuroplasticity, so your brain starts to rebuild damaged pathways,” explains singer and entrepreneur Tania de Jong from Creative Universe. In particular, singing with others is a great mind workout. “When you sing with other people, the right temporal lobe of your brain fires up, releasing endorphins such as oxytocin and other hormones,” Tania says.

Brain apps

Apps such as Lumosity and Elevate can be useful in training your brain. But do they work? Carol Bennett, CEO of Your Brain Matters, an Alzheimer’s Australia campaign, says: “Training your brain in an area you haven’t previously had any involvement with is valuable in boosting your brainpower.”

Physical exercise

“Research has shown clearly that exercise is closely associated with reducing the onset of dementia,” Carol says. “Exercise and diet are important in boosting your general health and wellbeing, which also reduces your likelihood of getting dementia.”


“Any type of social engagement can keep your brain healthy, and particularly when you’re with other people and feeling like you’re doing something worthwhile,” Carol says. Check in your local area or with Volunteering Australia for opportunities to offer your skills and passions to help others.

Brain games

Activities such as Sudoku, quizzes, puzzles and memory games have many benefits and are even more powerful if you include a social aspect. “Do them with other people, so new neurological connections are being made; it’s a double whammy,” explains Carol.



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