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Andy George is a Superannuation Specialist in Perth.

Growing up in Perth, Andy George spent more time thinking about AFL football and cricket than he did about finances. After finishing school and studying Health & Sport Science at The University of Western Australia, Andy landed his first job at Core Equity Service as a retail broking representative. Quickly, Andy discovered his passion was education – helping people learn to better manage their finances and ultimately improve their financial situation. 

Andy spent 12 years working in a variety of member education and personal advice roles across the financial services industry, before joining the Member Education team at HESTA.


Andy George, Superannuation Specialist

Andy George


Member Education is a natural fit for Andy, who’s always been interested in the decisions people make when faced with the infinite choices on what to spend their money. “Most importantly, when it comes to superannuation, it’s great to retire and actually have choices because you’ve received advice and you’re in a good financial position,” says Andy.

Being able to help members work towards a comfortable retirement is something Andy really values. And even though it’s Andy’s job to educate members, he continues to educate himself. “My most recent studies actually involved a Diploma of Education at Notre Dame university. It provided a great insight into how best to engage people in the learning process and the need to cater for a wide variety of learning styles - as we all learn differently.”

Andy believes that when it comes to managing your finances well, education provides you with the tools you need. “I’ve always enjoyed working with people around education and guidance as it helps to develop and empower people to make positive changes to their situation,” says Andy.


The privilege of helping members

“I love speaking with our members – they really are wonderful people, who do amazing things in our community. I love hearing what they do, what’s important to them and understanding what they want out of life.

“I then take that information and help them work towards those aspirations. It’s an absolute privilege to be able to support these people that work so hard for the community to achieve their financial goals,” says Andy.

"It’s an absolute privilege to be able to support these people that work so hard for the community to achieve their financial goals."


Education helps people to think about what’s important to them and what they want from their lifestyle both while they’re working and in retirement. Andy believes it’s his role to open our members’ minds and help them to think through what’s most important to them. He’s also a firm believer in the value of professional financial advice and the importance of putting plans in place to help achieve your lifestyle goals.


Living your best life

Andy likes to live the way he encourages our members to live. “To me the most important things in life are family and spending as much quality time with my young boys and wife as possible. I want them to grow up in an even better world and society than the wonderful one we already have, and to contribute to enhancing it as much as they can.”

Andy loves to see people get the most out of life and the opportunities they have. “I understand that being financially comfortable certainly helps with these things, so if there’s anything I can do to help our members to also live their best life – I’m in.”

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