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Lorraine McGowan is a finalist in the 2019 HESTA Australian Nursing & Midwifery Awards. She works at Hedland Health Campus in South Hedland, WA

Lorraine is recognised for her dedication to empowering women during their pregnancy and birth, ensuring they are supported with adequate information so that they can make informed choices about their health care.

An Aboriginal woman from Roebourne, WA, Lorraine is a strong advocate for women and has built a deep reputation in the local community as a midwife who is empathic to people’s concerns and as a midwife who works effectively with people from a broad range of cultural backgrounds.

She is particularly passionate about Aboriginal health and ensures that vulnerable mothers in her care are supported as much as possible to make informed choices about their birth, their baby, and motherhood. Lorraine is focused on the needs of mother and baby and empowers new mothers by connecting them to local support networks.

She strives to build a trusting relationship with the women she treats to ensure they are informed and supported throughout their pregnancy and birth. 


Watch the awards online. Tune into Facebook live from 6.30pm AEST Friday 9 May 2019.

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