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Northcott is a finalist for Outstanding Organisation in the 2020 HESTA Australian Nursing & Midwifery Awards. Northcott is located in North Parramatta, NSW.


Disability services provider Northcott is recognised for its work to develop a program to improve the autonomy, choice and control of people with disability, and ultimately, their quality of life. Northcott’s staff provide specialised support to people with disability to meet their complex physical and emotional needs. Specialist disability nurses who make up Northcott’s Specialist Supported Living team establish strong relationships with residents, supporting their health needs, and providing opportunities for residents to learn new skills, live independently and engage in social activities.


Northcott worked with partner organisation Northcott Innovation to develop the ‘Small Things’ program to reduce health inequalities that are often faced by people with disability and improve both their health and quality of life. The program allows staff to identify moments where quality of care and quality of life can be enhanced for each individual, as well as increasing the skills and capabilities of team members. Small Things has enabled the Specialist Supported Living team to improve residents’ quality of life by targeting small moments of interaction and engagement. The team’s in-depth knowledge of each resident allows them to identify how small changes, such as in facial expression, can mean a change in their health and wellbeing.


The result is a bespoke, multidisciplinary, peer-led and fully customised program that supports people with disability. The program has shown seemingly small changes have big impacts in the relationships between nurses and their patients, and improved team culture and patient care.

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