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The Self Help Addiction Resource Centre (SHARC) from Carnegie, VIC are winners of the Outstanding Organisation award at the 2019 HESTA Community Sector Awards.

Awarded for delivering self-help, peer-led approaches to assist people, including families, to recover from addiction.


SHARC’s Chief Executive Officer, Heather Pickard said its programs were developed by combining the lived experience of people who had successfully recovered from addiction alongside other successful self-help treatment approaches to ensure its addiction interventions not only empowered people but were effective.

“Overcoming addiction can be a difficult and long journey for people, maintaining their recovery and rebuilding their lives is a long-term challenge that requires ongoing support. Our treatment approaches are different because they focus on harnessing the community to support the community.”

“We work closely with individuals, families and the community, by taking this multipronged approach we’ve seen first-hand how significant change across the continuum can be brought about in an area that’s often viewed as an area with limited success,” said Heather.

Established in 1995, SHARC works with over 8,500 individuals and families across Victoria annually, some of SHARC’s programs include Family Drug help, Peer Projects, and Residential Peer Programs.

“Seeing a real change in people’s lives is one of the most rewarding things that we do,” said Heather.

“It’s fantastic to be recognised with this Award, we’d like to use the prize money to further develop our online and digital platforms enabling us to better reach people in rural and regional areas.”

Established in 1995, the SHARC team works with over 8,500 individuals and families across Victoria annually. SHARC programs are designed to help people to recover and rebuild their lives and include: Family Drug help, Peer Projects, Residential Peer Programs and APSU (Association of Participating Service Users).

SHARC shares its expertise and knowledge through the delivery of training, presenting at forums and conferences, advocating on policy issues, and taking part in advisory and consultation bodies.

Using their links with national and international self-help organisations, SHARC has developed a unique methodology for drug and alcohol service delivery and wants to expand the delivery of its programs more broadly across Victoria. 

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