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The St George Hospital Redevelopment Team are finalists in the 2019 HESTA Australian Nursing & Midwifery Awards. The team are based at St George Hospital in Kogarah, NSW

The St George Hospital Redevelopment Team is recognised for their patient-focused approach when managing the redevelopment of the St George Hospital Acute Services Building.

Comprised of senior nurses from each of the hospital’s clinical units, the team drew on local and international best practice examples to re-design the hospital facilities to ensure they supported optimal patient experience and care outcomes.

By drawing on local and international evidence to support their ideas, they were able to achieve design improvements that were in the best interest of patients.

Completed in 2018 the project included an eight-story redevelopment of the hospital’s acute services building, in addition to a further 60 refurbishments of connecting parts of the existing hospital.

Despite the large scope of the project, the team worked collaboratively and holistically with a broad range of internal, and community stakeholders to successfully re-design the hospital facilities in a way that supported good patient outcomes and assisted nurses in providing the best possible care. Improvements in the hospital’s design included: therapy and procedure rooms on every floor, rooms fitted with equipment to aid nursing staff in lifting patients and additional operating theatres and beds, in addition to the adoption of the latest operating theatre technology. 


Watch the awards online. Tune into Facebook live from 6.30pm AEST Friday 9 May 2019.

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