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The Village Dentist from Castle Hill, NSW are winners of the Outstanding Organisation Award at the 2019 HESTA Aged Care Awards


Awarded for providing preventative dental care and promoting the wellbeing of aged care residents by giving them access to a range of comprehensive dental services tailored to their specific needs.


The Village Dentist’s state of the art facilities means aged care residents can come either alone, with a carer or with family members to access dental treatment and education five days a week.


Director of The Village Dentist, Oliver Cvekus says that the aim of their onsite service is to not only help clients with their dental needs but to have a much more holistic impact on their health and wellbeing. “It isn’t just about relieving dental pain, it’s also about making changes to improve quality of life and to preserve their ability to smile with their loves ones and eat glorious food.


“The award provides the unique opportunity to voice the link between oral health and general health and grow awareness of the importance of dental health care in older Australians,” says Oliver.


The team at The Village Dentist hope to further improve patient accessibility and safety with the purchase of new equipment. “We will use the prize money to buy a new lifter, so we can continue to safely move our aged care residents with limited mobility. This will enable them to have the necessary dental treatment that would otherwise be impossible for them,” says Oliver.

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