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Tut Khoryom Nyuon from Fronditha Care in Templestow Lower, VIC is the winner of the Individual Distinction Award at the 2019 HESTA Aged Care Awards


Awarded for his work as a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) whose positive presence and passion for his job has helped improve the wellbeing of residents. 

Originally from South Sudan, Tut has a professional background working within the community. When he came to Australia he wanted to continue helping people and learnt conversational Greek, so he could communicate more effectively with the Greek Australian residents that live at Fronditha Care.


“After I got my Certificate III in aged care, I did my placement at Fronditha Care and loved the people and they loved me. It didn’t matter that they spoke Greek because I have learnt to speak it a little bit”, says Tut. Tut’s empathetic approach helps residents to feel secure and cared for, residents ‘light up’ when they see him, and he has helped to ease the anxiety and isolation that can sometimes come when living in a nursing home.


Tut is held in high regard by the residents he cares for, their families, and his colleagues. He has made such an impact that Fronditha Care is developing teaching guidelines for PCA’s based on his outstanding caring approach. “I think working in aged care is a good job. When I started working in Australia I found people from my community didn’t want to work in aged care. I’d like to encourage more Sudanese people to work in this job,” says Tut.


Tut hopes to use the prize money to give back to the Sudanese community, helping young people further their education and gain employment.

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