empowering women to take control of their future


Anne Dalton is a Superannuation Adviser in Melbourne. As a Certified Financial Planner with more than 20 years’ experience, Anne’s passion is helping ordinary Australians achieve financial security.


With over 20 years’ experience in financial planning at a large bank, Anne joined HESTA as she was drawn to working for an industry fund that shared her values.

Anne is passionate about helping our members make the most of their financial situation and plan for the best possible retirement.


Kristina Coffey, Superannuation Specialist

Anne Dalton, HESTA Super Adviser

“I love to educate and empower our members to make good financial decisions to set them up for the best possible retirement. I tell them, ‘You’ve worked hard, you deserve a rewarding retirement’,” says Anne.


Anne’s average member

So many of the members Anne talks to are female, single, often divorced and now on their own. With that, Anne says, comes a set of circumstances that has often put them under extreme financial stress. Anne is adept at bringing a sense of calm and control to people who feel they have been ‘backed into a corner’ by what life has dealt them.

Anne recalls: “I recently met with a member, a nurse aged 62. She had reduced hours due to COVID-19 and health issues and was living life on a shoestring. She also mentioned she hadn’t had a haircut or a beauty treatment for so long. It upset me the things we take for granted that other people do without.” 

“We spoke about transition to retirement strategies, which would enable her to receive a regular income from her super and still pick up the occasional shift. She no longer has to rely on her credit card to pay everyday bills or have the constant worry of living payday to payday."

Since reaching out for advice, the member can receive a regular income from her super, has peace of mind and security and no longer struggles from week to week.


Empowering women

Anne is passionate about empowering women.

“My mother grew up in a small Irish village and left school aged 14 and life was not easy for her.

“My mother gave me the opportunity of education. I always wanted to make sure I made the most of education so that I could share that with other people and help them make good financial decisions.”


Demystifying retirement

Retirement, says Anne, is still one of the most mystifying life stages for people. And she is often faced with members who feel quite apprehensive about it.

“Retirement and the years leading up to retirement can be very daunting. It’s such a massive stage of life. And it’s normal to have anxiety over that.”

The good news is that Anne is a specialist in putting a plan in place that members can work towards over a couple of years. It means they can go into retirement with a more secure feeling and peace of mind.


What happens when you see Anne

Anne approaches all her sessions with the same framework: firstly, by putting members at ease, and then understanding what their values are and what they want to get out of the meeting.

“It makes me really happy when members walk away from our meetings, feeling happy and satisfied that they got the answers they wanted and have a feeling of optimism that a solution is available.”



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