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There are many advantages to shift work – you get to skip peak hour traffic for a start. But studies show shift workers may have an increased risk of health problems. So how can you stay healthy around the clock? We asked experts for their top tips.

1. Eat well

It can be tricky to eat well when your lunch break is at 2am. Dr Anthony Yeuong, founder of Melbourne’s Beingwell Healthcare, recommends packing a lunch box of nutrient dense foods (like chicken, eggs, vegetables and fish) and staying away from the snack bar.

“Stick to a schedule,” he says, “and go easy on the caffeine.”


2. Sleep well

Dr Siobhan Banks, Associate Professor at the Centre for Sleep Research at the University of South Australia, suggests a sleeping environment that’s quiet, dark and cool. “Try and go to bed as soon as you get home to take advantage of the fact that you’re already sleepy,” she says.

If the rest of your household is just waking up then, set guidelines that help you get the rest you need.


3. Move well

Irregular hours shouldn’t stop you fitting in regular exercise. Many gyms and boutique studios provide offpeak access and online resources.

Renee Scott, founder of ballet inspired fitness studio Barre Attack, suggests scheduling your workouts as soon as you get your roster: “If you book yourself in, then you’re more likely to do it.”




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