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Take a look at how HESTA is investing in companies that are revolutionising medicine.

At HESTA, we want to invest in companies that earn strong returns for our members and also improve the wellbeing and livelihood of all people. To do this, we often look beyond the stock exchange and invest in private companies. These companies give our members access to unique investment opportunities, which they may be unaware of or don’t have the scale to access on their own.

Brandon Capital Partners is just one example of how HESTA provides value to members. Brandon Capital is a specialist fund manager that invests in promising biomedical opportunities that can be truly life changing for patients. But this work goes beyond treating patients: Brandon Capital also invests in vaccine innovation, from which everyone benefits.

Brandon Capital invests in promising biomedical opportunities… which can be truly life changing for patients.

Let’s take a look at some of the exciting projects currently in Brandon Capital’s portfolio (and your portfolio with HESTA).


Vaxxas is an Australian biotechnology company developing novel technology that enables needle-free vaccination. This allows you to place a patch on your arm for a few seconds and then – you’re vaccinated! The applicator will revolutionise the logistics of vaccinations, making it possible to complete wide-scale vaccinations across the globe.


Image of a person getting vaccinated with Vaxxas

The applicator will revolutionise the logistics of vaccinations, making it possible to complete wide-scale vaccinations across the globe.

The Vaxxas technology, known as a High-Density Microarray Patch (HD-MAP), has been shown in clinical studies to generate potent immune responses. In fact, a recent study demonstrated that the HD-MAP required only 1/6 of the vaccine dose to generate a comparable immune response to that of a full dose of vaccine by needle/syringe injection. This means the potential scalability of vaccinations could be 6 times greater! What’s more, HD-MAP vaccines do not require refrigeration, enabling rapid distribution using conventional delivery services. Unlike a needle or syringe, the HD-MAP is easy to apply, with clinical studies currently underway to demonstrate self-administration. So, when you consider the challenges of a vaccine rollout across countries with high-populations and challenging geographical landscapes, the Vaxxas HD-MAP holds enormous value. 

Ena Respiratory

Another exciting part of Brandon Capital’s portfolio is an Australian biotechnology company called Ena Respiratory, who are transforming how we handle the spread of respiratory diseases such as COVID-19. Ena Respiratory has developed a nasal spray called INNA-051, which is designed to drastically inhibit respiratory diseases such as influenza and the common cold. Incredibly, in pre-clinical studies, it has been shown to reduce COVID-19 levels by up to 96%!

Biomedical innovations like this can change the way we mitigate and combat pandemics. By limiting the growth and reducing the spread of a virus like COVID-19, we could save lives, reduce the pressure on the healthcare system, hedge our dependency on the effectiveness of vaccines and protect high risk populations, such as frontline health care workers and the elderly.

In pre-clinical studies, Ena Respiratory’s nasal spray has been shown to reduce COVID-19 levels by up to 96%!

“Most exciting is the ability of INNA-051 to significantly reduce virus levels in the nose and throat, giving hope that this therapy could reduce COVID-19 transmission by infected people, especially those who may be presymptomatic or asymptomatic and unaware they are infectious,” says Professor Roberto Solari, a respiratory specialist, advisor to Ena Respiratory and visiting Professor at Imperial College London. 

One of the most pressing issues the world currently faces is COVID-19 and how we can prevent future pandemics. HESTA and Brandon Capital want to help solve this challenge. Fortunately, the broader investment landscape is beginning to recognise the value of companies that can improve the wellbeing of all people. HESTA's investment in Brandon Capital means that our members can realise that value.


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