keeping your data safe

Your data (along with your super) is one of the most precious assets you own – and a lot of people would love to get their hands on it.


That’s why HESTA has such a strong focus on protecting your personal information, from your contact details to your account balance.
Here’s a rundown of how we protect your account data — and some handy tips on how you can protect all your other valuable data too.


How HESTA looks after your account data
  • We have very strict rules around who can access your information and when. Basically, this is limited to you, the people responsible for managing your account and providing the information, products and services attached to it, and government or legal bodies.
  • We collect only the personal information we need to manage your super.
  • When you activate your online account, you can set up two layers of security for extra peace of mind.


Top ten tips to protect your other data
(from ASIC’s
  1. Don’t share your personal, banking or credit card information with people you don't know or trust, and never give them access to your computer.
  2. Check your bank and credit card statements every month for suspicious activity.
  3. Before you throw out personal documents, destroy them first by either shredding or ripping them up.
  4. Beware of entering competitions online where you must provide personal information.
  5. Activate privacy settings on social media sites and be careful what you post online; information can be easily stored and archived, even if you delete it.
  6. Never share your PIN codes for banking or your devices.
  7. Carry only essential information: avoid taking important documents out of your home to minimise the chance of them being lost or stolen.
  8. Secure personal documents at home: store your important documents in a fire and waterproof container or a safe deposit box in case your home is burgled or damaged.
  9. Secure your mail: secure your letter box with a lock and collect your mail regularly. If you move house, notify the post office to redirect your mail. Mail sent to the wrong address could be used to steal your identity.
  10. Protect your mobile phone: be wary when installing applications onto your phone. Scammers may send you applications designed to download malicious software onto your phone and steal bank account details.


Find more tips on how to keep your data safe here.

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