meet annette nuck


Annette is a finalist in the Individual Distinction category at the 2018 HESTA Aged Care Awards.

This award recognises an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to aged care in Australia over time, through development or provision of high quality care to ageing Australians. 

Annette Nuck’s outstanding leadership has ensured that despite the closure of the Yackandandah Health hospital in 2014, the provider continues to deliver essential aged care and health services to the local community.

Following the hospital’s closure, Annette volunteered as Yackandandah Health’s Chief Executive Officer in addition to continuing her role as Director of Nursing. Despite being faced with a large workload, financial challenges and an outraged local community, Annette worked tirelessly to improve and maintain Yackandandah Health’s residential aged care service.

Always asking “How can we do things better?” sums up Annette’s philosophy as the CEO at Yackandandah Health, which is currently home to 67 community elders.  In a progressive small town, Annette has shaped a vision that matched the community’s values and has inspired and motivated the town’s residents with plans that promote community wellbeing by creating an intergenerational living experience for residents.

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