meet Christie


Long-time HESTA member, Christie, has had a career that's taken her around the world. Now she’s set to see even more of it during her next chapter. Here’s her story.


“I am Sri Lankan and lived in Malaysia as a child. I’m married with three children who live abroad. My husband Chris and I lived in NZ before coming to Australia.
"After finishing school I joined the nursing profession, completing General, then Midwifery and Child Health in Scotland.
"I joined the Australian Nursing Agency in 2001, and at the same time joined HESTA. I did explore other super funds, but I thought the HESTA purpose, ‘Working for nurses’ cannot be a bad thing! Their fees were reasonable, and they were easy to access via phone. All calls were answered quickly and questions fully explained.
"Working three days a week did not leave me a lot of time to think about retirement and income streams. Besides, I was not ready for retirement yet.
"However I did hear my friends talk about it, and many government-initiated changes came into place during this time which meant I was able to salary sacrifice."



Ready to write chapter two
“Travelling and moving around was not conducive to accumulating super for retirement.
"So when I started thinking about finishing work, I phoned HESTA to ask for advice, and they sent me information on their income stream.
"In the meantime Chris had contacted our bank to talk to a consultant there, but we both felt the fees were too high. I also felt that HESTA could do the job just as well.
"HESTA set up an appointment for me to speak to an adviser. Part of the reason for choosing to meet with someone was that I wanted more information. I was not feeling confident, as this was a big step and I did not want to make any mistakes which I might regret later.
"My HESTA Income Stream is going well, and it is good to know that I can access money whenever I want to, for example if there was an emergency, or even for a trip."

It’s a flexible system. I’m still working when I want to, and my super is still working for me.

"I am now waiting for my husband to start his retirement. We do want to travel and see our children more often."
Christie and husband Chris have already started their travels.

thinking about your next chapter?

A HESTA Income Stream can help you write it.

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